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The question Julie is repeatedly asked is what do you do? And that’s a complex answer! Her clients refer to her as a spiritual director, a psychologist for the body, an intuitive, a psychic, a person who “just knows,” feet whisperer, body talker, and the voodoo lady.  And the truth is, she is all of those people, which is why she refers to herself as an alternative practitioner and coach.

As a visionary alternative practitioner and coach, Julie is passionate about helping the people drawn to her practice become the healthiest, bravest, most authentic version of themselves. She has studied alternative healing modalities for many years and is uniquely gifted at helping the subconscious brain heal, reframe, and reprogram itself. Julie wears multiple hats and has a wagon full of tools she utilizes to co-create with you and the Universe the life you desire by subtly rewiring your sub-conscious brain. Since humans are multi-dimensional beings it makes sense that someone who works with you has access to several different healing modalities. Click here to read about the different sessions she offers.

Meet with Julie to see how she can help you, whether on a physical, spiritual, or emotional level – and typically, they’re intertwined!