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Julie is a Alternative Practitioner and Coach based in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. She is certified and trained in BEST (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), NOT (Neural Organizational Technique), a Coach in Balance Your Life and trained as a Workshop Leader in the Louise Hay methods. Julie uses the body’s innate wisdom, and its desire for health, to help her clients locally and at a distance find peace, strength, and determination to overcome their personal struggles. Through her understanding of the influence of epigenetics – the DNA we inherit from our families – to the importance of health at a cellular level, she uses the body’s ability to heal to help not only her patients, but herself.

Her journey began in 2005 with a health crisis. Despite seeing excellent physicians and trying to do the right things, she continued to feel sick. Doctors gave more diagnoses, and more surgeries were scheduled. One day she reached a breaking point, and she heard her spirit call out – and she listened. She knew she needed a new path. A path that would support healing at the root cause level. A path that eventually saved her life – physically, mentally and spiritually.

For the first time then, Julie made her health, her whole self, the top priority. She understood how the word holistic really represents the term whole-istic…the entire body…every single cell. And as she learned more, she was able to choose medicine, massage, and holistic practices to help heal her own body. She’s focused on the benefits of healthy food choices, exercise, meditation, prayer, and yoga to continue to grow stronger every day. Perhaps the most important realization though was the importance of self-love and acceptance. And, from all of this, she watched her body heal and recover as she took back her power for healthy living. To read more about Julie’s health journey, click here.

Julie is here to help you take back your power, too. Through this personal healing came the awareness that she could help others heal, too. She’s continued to develop this gift of healing through work with exceptional practitioners and healers, developing her own style for helping you in your journey. Are you ready to take back your physical, mental, and spiritual health? Whatever your struggle, Julie is here for you. Send her an email today and enjoy the journey to health, love, and joy.


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