I Love You!

Have you ever watched a baby make faces, smile, and laugh at itself in a mirror? They find great joy when they see themselves and all they can do is send out love to the reflected image. I don’t know about you but it’s difficult to always send love to my reflection as an adult. Instead I want to focus on the tired in my eyes, or the frustration, sadness, and complication of life reflected.  

If you’ve followed my blog you know I’ve been on a journey of health and healing for quite some time. Click here to read more. Early in my journey of healing I found Louise Hay and her book – You Can Heal Your Life.  I love so much about Louise and her discoveries that I eventually became certified as a You Can Heal Your Life Workshop Leader.  She introduces a practice called Mirror Work and it’s life transformative. The first step is to look at yourself, look into your own eyes in a mirror, and tell yourself “I Love You.” Trust me, there may be great resistance to this, so as Nike says…just do it! It’s some of the most difficult work I’ve done on my journey, but it’s the most rewarding. Through this practice some of my subconscious thoughts began to show up.  I will talk more about this on Facebook, but know that it was challenging. And know that mirror work is something I continue to do – 13 years later.

I want to invite you into the healing process with me.  For the next 30 days let’s do mirror work together daily saying several affirmations including  “I Love You” to your eyes in the mirror. I know…this sounds too easy or hokey…but give it a try anyway! Click here to follow me on Facebook and find me on Instagram (juliedhighley) for daily affirmations, inspiration and encouragement. The thirty day challenge begins Monday, September 14, 2020.  Let me know you are joining and I can’t wait to hear about the  changes and growth you experience.

Sending you Love,

Julie Highley

Finding Hope

The past few months have literally just about done me in and I KNOW I am not alone. We are still dealing with Covid-19, the argument of whether or not to wear a face mask, race tension, riots, and protests. Of course you know all this unless you’ve been living under a rock – which at this point I am tempted!

People are frazzled, angry, frustrated, and confused and I am one of them. 

Friends…this is where the rubber meets the road for me in my Spiritual life. I have a dedicated practice of reading inspirational and self-development books, journaling, meditating, praying, yoga – but today my Soul wouldn’t settle.

In my previous post on Miraculous Healing, I talked about the 9 different behaviors people do to bring about miraculous healing, and to be honest I’m always looking for ways to heal my body, mind, and Soul.  Let’s look at the three that showed up today; Followed Their Intuition, Increased Positive Emotions, and Deepened Spiritual Connection.

Intuition nudged me to do something different – go walk a labyrinth – an ancient spiritual practice. Have you ever done this? Typically as soon as I enter a labyrinth, my insides settle and words like peace, love, and joy are all I feel.

I will be honest…that didn’t happen as I thought it might today, but I stuck with it.

I stayed present. I became mindful of each step, of the gentle breeze, of the sun shining on me, of the birds singing, of the water around me. Finally, my Soul began to settle by just being in the maze.

Standing in the center I asked God to take my hurt, my pain, my frustration, and I stood there until I felt some of it go. I asked God to replace it with unconditional love and peace. My Soul settled a bit more and I was able to mindfully walk the labyrinth out, feeling a bit lighter on the inside.

We are all given signs of encouragement from the Universe and as I was exiting the labyrinth I looked up and saw the word hope.  I think of hope as the fan that blows on the ember of your Soul, that it can be the gateway to happiness.  I know that when I feel hopeless, it’s dark and lonely.  However, with hope, I can begin to see a way forward, feel peace, know love, and experience joy. So, it was no accident that as I was exiting the labyrinth, hope was literally right in front of me, and I felt that gentle flame fan my Soul.

Hope St. Andrew

As we continue to walk in uncertain times, with chaos all around us, I challenge you to listen to your intuition, deepen your spiritual practices, and look for places of hope for yourself. And as always, reach out if I can assist you.

With Love and Appreciation,

Online Special

Online healing

While we are all finding our way through this new situation we are in – sheltering in place, toilet paper shortage, going a bit stir crazy – I thought I would touch base and let you know I am still available to you online.

I am currently offering 30 minute online sessions for $25.00.  This price is greatly reduced in hopes of helping you, your friends, and family, through this difficult time.  Each session will include time for you to tell me your top two concerns, or where you would like me to focus.  Then, I will need you to be in a comfortable position, sitting or reclining, for about 25 minutes while I work remotely via Zoom. It is my desire to help you during this difficult time, so, click here to secure your appointment.

Balanced Rocks

In the meantime, keep breathing, take Vitamins C & D, eat healthy foods, exercise, read a book, and shut off the news for just a bit.

With Love and Peace,

Julie Highley

P.S. I will be adding a free online workshop and online meditations soon!


Miraculous Healing

HEaling HandsMiraculous Healing – is it really possible?

In 2016 I got serious about healing my body, I was overweight, my joints hurt from Hashimotos, my emotions were all over the place because my thyroid numbers weren’t stable, my blood sugar was too high, and I was on insulin.There was something deep inside me that desired health and for the first time in my life I focused on eating for my health, the the weight literally fell off and new lifestyle patterns developed.  The mindshift from choosing health vs. losing weight is subtle, but was life changing for me.

I recently watched the Netflix movie “Heal.” If you have Netflix, I encourage you to set aside a couple of hours and watch it. The premise of the movie is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, which is something I have believed for quite some time. Just think about when you get a cut on your finger, you clean it, put a bandage on it and in a short time, it’s healed. Your body knows how to knit your skin back together.

What caught my attention was the discussion around miraculous medical remissions. Kelly Turner, PhD., has spent ten years researching medical remissions around the world. She has analyzed 1500 cases with 250 in-depth interviews. She spoke to people who represented every kind of cancer that exists and who had experienced medical remission. During her conversations she discovered there were about seventy-five different things people did to bring about the miracle however, not EVERYONE did all seventy-five things.  Looking at all of the data she did see that everyone used nine of the same behaviors. Here is that list:

Radically changed their diet

Took control of their health

Followed their intuition

Used herbs and supplements

Released suppressed emotions

Increased positive emotions

Embraced social support

Deepened spiritual connection

Had a strong reason for living

healthy-food-on-a-heart-shape-cutting-board-royalty-free-image-643764514-1548690586I wrote about my healing journey and you can read it here in an earlier blog. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, Hashimotos Thyroiditis back in 2005. I was deep into Western medicine at that time and the solution was to remove the entire thyroid through two surgeries. At no point did any of the doctors explain to me what my life minus a thyroid would be like; they also failed to mention that while they took out the diseased organ, the auto-immune would still be very active in the body. They weren’t healing me by removing the thyroid. This event was the catalyst into natural healing and health. In earnest I pursued healing in 2016 by radically changing my diet.  After seeing the list above, I realize I had already put the other eight practices into place. Once I adjusted my diet, my body was able to move towards health. In 2018, I had labs run and the markers for Hashimotos was zero…in fact my “new” doctor wanted to argue that it couldn’t have ever existed. I’m here to tell you, I had a full diagnosis and a slew of symptoms that went with Hashimotos. With the right tools, the body healed itself from Hashimotos. And what I find encouraging, if my body can do this…so can yours.

I want to take a couple of blog posts to address how to implement these nine different behaviors and changes into your daily life for optimal health and healing. You don’t have to have any sort of dis-ease to benefit from these behaviors…they are good for all of us!

If you want a one-on-one consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach out for an appointment.

Yours in this journey,


Happy New Year!

2020 offer

Can you believe we are embarking on a new decade…2020!

Do you have a vision for how you would like this decade or even this next year to look?

Take advantage of my promotional offer and let’s work together. Share this offer with your friends and family, too! Here’s your special offer:

Individual Session ($20 off):

 1 Session @ 30 minutes: $80.00 – $20 off = $60.00

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8 sessions @ 30 minutes each: $480.00 – 20% off = $384.00

Only one promotional package per person
Offer expires February 29, 2020  

Click here to book a session with Julie. Don’t see a time that works for you? Send Julie an email at julie@juliehighley.com to see what other times are available.

This next year is about laying a solid foundation for the next ten years. I’ve enjoyed spending time looking forward, dreaming, and setting some really fantastic and scary exciting goals!

I’ve also taken some time to define my “why” of continuing to work in this business, I’ve set goals for new clients, financial goals, spiritual growth goals, and goals for consistent blogging and communication.


One action I am embracing this year is the idea of extending love out to all areas of my life first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and before I go to sleep at night. Under the Law of Reciprocity, I send out Love and receive it returned to me multiplied!

What will you focus on this year? Please share with me in the comments, during your next office visit, or on one of my social media platforms.

Happy New Year!

With LOVE and gratitude,

Julie Highley

Triad of Health


My practice is based on Triad of Health. That means that although each side of health, Chemical, Structural, and Emotional, can stand completely on their own, they are also connected to each other and are affected by each other. Let’s take a moment and explore what each of the sides represent and then a couple of examples of how they interact.

The Chemical side of your health represents your blood chemistry, allergies, inflammation, any supplements or medicines you take. The Structural side represents your bones, spine, ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves, and fascia. The Emotional side is your mood, thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions.


Let’s talk about headaches, which is something we all experience from time to time. Headaches can be brought on by chemical reactions or allergic responses in the system.  Headaches can show up anytime your neck is out of place or you sleep with your head in the wrong position. Headaches can also be brought on by stress, which falls in the emotional response area. Headaches can be brought on by a singular event or a combination of events.  For example, say you didn’t sleep well and your neck is stiff in the morning, you don’t drink your coffee when you normally do and you head straight to work and face emails that have to be handled immediately. My guess is your headache would show up by at least 10:00 AM, or at least it would if it was me! My neck is stiff, I haven’t had the chemical assist of caffeine and now I’m stressed, voila…headache.

If you were to come to my office and say, I have headaches all the time and I don’t know why, I would begin to ask questions about what you eat, how much do you sleep, how is your stress level? What do you do for fun or enjoyment? Because, while it’s a headache, it can stem from a myriad of places. We are complex human beings and we can treat headaches or other physical/mental/chemical ailments with medicine, or we can look for a root cause, and see if we can lessen them or eliminate them all together.

On the Edge of Comfort

comfort zone

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for a little over a year now. If you don’t know what Bikram is, it’s a form of Hot Yoga – 105°F, 50% humidity, 90 minutes and a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Most of my friends and family think I’m crazy, but I seriously love it. I attend 4-5 classes per week and my body loves the heat. It allows it to open up and stretch in ways that have been inaccessible to me for a while now.

Inside me lives a competitive voice that absolutely HATES not being able to get into a pose and hold it. Yoga is about stretching yourself to get into a pose but never forcing it as you are typically healing from the inside out. So, I’m constantly in conversation with my competitive voice to do her best and know that in time she will have access to all the poses. Let’s just say it’s been a LONG year with that voice, but I’ve remained persistent.  

Today I was standing in the “Standing separate leg head to knee pose” and I realized I was fully in the pose with my head touching my knee and hands extended to the toes. And the thought came to me…what happens when I push beyond the edge of what is comfortable? I realized that I have been practicing yoga where I was physically and mentally “safe” even though I was unable to fully access the poses. This practice kept me in a monkey mind of …“it’s not for me yet,” “I’m not as flexible as I use to be,” “this is where my body is and I have to accept it,” blah, blah, blah.  


But something shifted at the one year mark and I realized I have been physically pushing and prodding the body gently past the edge of what was comfortable. Not to the point of physically hurting myself or pulling muscles, but, just an extension beyond where I was truly comfortable. I started trying new ways to access the poses, I got outside the rigid box of where I was playing. And in the past few weeks, it’s paid off! I have access to poses that have eluded me for over a year now.

So of course with this newfound success and the knowledge of pushing beyond what’s comfortable, it’s made me ask where else do I play safe? In my head I am constantly stretching and improving myself, but, how does that show up in my physical life? I have ideas of where I would like my life to be and what I want it to look like, but, have I been willing to truly step across the line of what’s comfortable to grow in any of those areas? Ah! More opportunity for “stretching.” One of the ways I’m going to stretch is by being vulnerable with you in my upcoming blog posts. I have been dealing with an emotional eater voice for years and I am going to introduce her to you. I don’t know where else I will stretch and grow, but the feeling of success that comes from finally achieving what I’ve set my mind to is worth whatever pains I have to go through to get there.

walking path

Let’s work together on your comfort zones! Where would you like to grow? How can I help?



Magical Mindfulness

Magical Mindfulness – the joy of creating magic by staying present in your life.

kid riding bike

Mindfulness is the act of being present, staying present, and being aware of what is happening right now. Some people enjoy living in the future, focusing on where they’re going in life, stressing about tomorrow’s meeting, while others relive the past, recalling the “good ol’ days,” wishing they were still living there. I would like to see us shift to living in the present moment, not worrying about what’s next or reliving the past, but, actually being present with what is going on – right now – in our lives.

For myself, mindfulness is something I have struggled with my entire adult life. I really love living in the future – I like the planning for tomorrow, next week, next year. I like the excitement of what’s next, always anticipating how great it’s going to be. Unfortunately, in living this way, I sometimes miss the excitement and the greatness happening right now!


I have decided to challenge myself with becoming more present, or mindful, during each day for the month of November. I’ll probably need to set an alarm just to keep myself accountable! Then, during those moments I will be photographing the thing that is making my heart happy and still. I’ll post daily to Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow along! You’ll find those links below.

I know I’m not alone in struggling with mindfulness, so, I challenge you to join me. Whether you take up yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or want to join me in snapping photos to capture the present moment, I invite you to take a step towards mindfulness. It’s my desire to help you create a life of joy, for all of us to be present for the greatness that is right now, and to find a way to acknowledge the beauty around us every moment.

Mindfulness rose

I’m also tagging these photos “Magical Mindfulness” because deep inside I believe we are creating magic and living in joy when we find the beauty of the present moment. I look forward to seeing what inspires you in your journey to Magical Mindfulness.

Mindfully blooming,
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Physical Healing


Your health has many components, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Most of us take our physical health for granted, well, right until the moment it begins to fail us. This can be a scary time, creating feelings of helpless no matter the strength of one’s emotional or spiritual health.

I clearly remember the moment my doctor told me something was “up” with my liver and the best I could hope for was a Celiac diagnosis. My immediate response was an internal monologue well known to anyone who’s sat in a doctor’s office with such news: “Are you kidding me?! I don’t need another “something” going on in my body! I focus on mental and spiritual work, I’m a good person! How did this happen? My dad just died…isn’t that enough trauma right now?? Please tell me, why the hell is this happening to me? No, really! Why?!” I lived in this state of fear and anxiety as I endured lab tests, an ultrasound, and a biopsy of the liver to find out I have a second auto-immune condition called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. Well, here’s what I knew at that point: the liver has the word “live” in it, so clearly I needed it to stay alive.

After several months mourning the diagnosis, I pulled myself together and began researching ways to turn this around. One of my core beliefs is that the body can heal itself if given the proper support and tools. And another is that I refuse to feel like a victim. I spent the year playing with healthy eating and exercise as I tried to figure out what was best for me and my health. Somewhere during all of that I was given the name of a nutritionist who practices functional medicine and I gave her a call. (There’s nothing like random moments that become major life points to remind us to be grateful for the little things every day.)

colorful food

I will never forget my first visit with her. You see, I may have still been a bit resistant, but I was quickly drawn in by our shared belief about food as medicine. At the end of our session, I agreed to start adding vegetables to my intake, as many as I could tolerate. Well, in truth – and typical Julie fashion, I woke up the following morning and somewhere in my sleep decided I would give up dairy, grains, sugars, and beans, with the added caveat that I had to understand everything on the label of any pre-made foods. I suppose it’s just that moment when you finally wake up and shout “enough!” and take back control. Well, those first two weeks were definitely a white-knuckle experience, and needless to say my second session with the nutritionist was humourous considering the goal after the first session was just to add some vegetables!

My body quickly released about 40 pounds of fat and inflammation. I had energy and clarity unlike ever before. I had turned the corner of not just eating for weight loss, but eating for my health and healing. I’ve been eating this way mostly for a year and a half now, and through this process I’ve regained control over food. And from this control comes a stillness to really listen to what the body needs. What it needs now? Green juice! And more of it! And apparently cardio kick-boxing classes, too! I like to go fast, heal fast, move fast, and stay in motion, so now my cells are begging for the energy to keep up.

beautiful boxer woman

While many parts of my body have healed, there’s still more physical healing to go, in addition to always improving the emotional and spiritual sides of my health, ever blooming into new health and new life. Will you join me? What are your health goals? Do you feel like you struggle with change and fall short of achieving desired outcomes? Are you ready to take control? Let’s talk!

Still Blooming,


Together We Bloom

I am very excited to present my first Heal Your Life online workshop, based on the practice and teachings of Louise Hay. As I’ve been preparing, I’ve relived a bit of my personal journey: the joys and the struggles that have molded me and the subsequent layers that needed to be peeled away to reveal the health and vitality beneath. I remain grateful for the work and the clarity provided and I am thankful for the friends, family members, and healers who have been brave enough to stand with me on the journey.

Four years ago, I had my first experience with a Heal Your Life workshop when I was training to become a certified Louise Hay workshop leader and teacher. I spent a week in beautiful San Diego, California as I explored healing for some childhood sexual abuse (from outside my nuclear family) as well as facing the grief of losing my beloved father. Who knows why I thought it was a good idea to tackle such diverse yet equally traumatizing events at the same time. I will tell you, there were moments I thought I would stay in the fetal position and never come out as I worked through the fear, sadness, guilt, and shame of it all. However, the Heal Your Life workshop is a process that allows you to access those sometimes overwhelming feelings and work through them to develop a new level of healing for your heart and soul. The journey of that week was transformative and the friends I made during that week from around the world are still present, supportive figures in my life.

hands of two female

One idea that grabbed hold of me and has yet to let go, is the recognition we are more alike than we are different. As I sat in a room of men, women, straight, gay, American, Mexican, Turkish, Indonesian, Canadian, I realized our hurt, our pain, and our sorrow all looked and felt the same. As I held their hands and listened to their stories, I realized their stories sounded remarkably similar to mine. There is healing in telling the story; there is strength and power in realizing you are not alone in your pain.

Another truth that I continue to embrace is the idea that in order to truly heal, you have to learn to love yourself exactly as you are…right now. I can hear your thoughts from here on that, but, it’s the truth. You have to love the part of you that isn’t perfect, that is overweight, that is unhealthy, that is anorexic, that wants to escape via all kinds of addictions, the part of you that is judgmental, the part that is spiritually challenged, the part of you that doesn’t want to take a risk. EVERY. LAST. PART. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and claim the love for yourself, you have taken the biggest step in your healing journey. I still practice this in my life, and there are some days it is harder than others, but that’s when I offer myself a little grace and continue moving forward.

baby mirror kiss

It doesn’t matter how much personal healing work I’ve done on my life, my heart, my soul, it appears there is always another layer to work through. Recently, while preparing to lead the upcoming workshop, I realized there were yet more layers I needed to clear off myself. Of course, if you want to hear those stories…you are most welcome to join me online.

I want to offer you the encouragement that as you walk the path to a healthier version of you, you are not alone. I will stand with you, hold you in your pain and shame, and celebrate and dance with you through your victories.

Together we heal…together we bloom.


If you are interested in joining me online for the upcoming workshop, click here. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Julie@juliehighley.com