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I Love You!

Have you ever watched a baby make faces, smile, and laugh at itself in a mirror? They find great joy when they see themselves and all they can do is send out love to the reflected image. I don’t know about you but it’s… Continue Reading “I Love You!”

Finding Hope

The past few months have literally just about done me in and I KNOW I am not alone. We are still dealing with Covid-19, the argument of whether or not to wear a face mask, race tension, riots, and protests. Of course you know… Continue Reading “Finding Hope”

Online Special

While we are all finding our way through this new situation we are in – sheltering in place, toilet paper shortage, going a bit stir crazy – I thought I would touch base and let you know I am still available to you online.… Continue Reading “Online Special”

Miraculous Healing

Miraculous Healing – is it really possible? In 2016 I got serious about healing my body, I was overweight, my joints hurt from Hashimotos, my emotions were all over the place because my thyroid numbers weren’t stable, my blood sugar was too high, and… Continue Reading “Miraculous Healing”

Happy New Year!

Can you believe we are embarking on a new decade…2020! Do you have a vision for how you would like this decade or even this next year to look? Take advantage of my promotional offer and let’s work together. Share this offer with your… Continue Reading “Happy New Year!”

Triad of Health

My practice is based on Triad of Health. That means that although each side of health, Chemical, Structural, and Emotional, can stand completely on their own, they are also connected to each other and are affected by each other. Let’s take a moment and… Continue Reading “Triad of Health”

On the Edge of Comfort

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for a little over a year now. If you don’t know what Bikram is, it’s a form of Hot Yoga – 105°F, 50% humidity, 90 minutes and a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Most of… Continue Reading “On the Edge of Comfort”

Magical Mindfulness

Magical Mindfulness – the joy of creating magic by staying present in your life. Mindfulness is the act of being present, staying present, and being aware of what is happening right now. Some people enjoy living in the future, focusing on where they’re going… Continue Reading “Magical Mindfulness”

Physical Healing

Your health has many components, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Most of us take our physical health for granted, well, right until the moment it begins to fail us. This can be a scary time, creating feelings of helpless no matter the strength… Continue Reading “Physical Healing”

Together We Bloom

I am very excited to present my first Heal Your Life online workshop, based on the practice and teachings of Louise Hay. As I’ve been preparing, I’ve relived a bit of my personal journey: the joys and the struggles that have molded me and… Continue Reading “Together We Bloom”