Hair Products

I am truly a child of the 80’s and when I say I love “Big Hair”…I MEAN it! I was part of the 80’s trend of big permed hair, doing my part to keep Aqua Net in business.

Well…fast forward a few years and my hair has its own mind; most days I don’t even recognize it. It’s become extremely fine and it’s thinning out, it’s limp and falls flat against my head…the opposite of what I love. I can wear it bobbed and short and those are my options or else it becomes flat and stringy and wraps around my face. Can you hear in my words how I feel about this? It’s sad, depressing, and uncomfortable.

As my hair thinned and became slightly less than terrific, I was taking an emotional hit. It’s hard to feel great about oneself when the mirror reflects back an uncomfortable reality. At some point no comb-over can hide the encroaching baldness. As the bald patches moved from the back (easy to cover) to the top (NOT easy to cover) I was seriously considering shaving my head and purchasing a wig.

A friend mentioned she was using a natural based hair product that was able to help her hair grow. A product without harsh chemicals and it works?!?!? I decided to place an order and see if it would work for me.

I started using the products in April of 2017 and here are pictures of my journey to date.

Hair Picture

I have new hair growth and it is so exciting! I would love to introduce you to my magic purple potion bottles!

Do you have a different hair issue? Curly, flyaway, thick, oily, dry? Monat has a number of products to treat whatever your hair complaint. Find out more at my direct website link,, and then let’s chat to see what products will work best for you.