How I Help

Below is a sample of ways I’ve assisted clients in my office.   If you have something you want to work on and it’s not listed…let’s talk.  Click here for session information.

Abuse Survivors

Multiple clients live with abuse stories – stories of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse –debilitating and overwhelming stories. Through our work together we change the story. The abuse doesn’t own the client, the client acknowledges the abuse and moves through the pain and chains of it. By taking ownership of the abuse and the damage it’s done we take the power away from the abuser: “yes, this happened to my body but you (abuser) no longer have control – I do.” That taking back of power or control is a huge step in healing. I believe in a gentle and deliberate approach to healing abuse.


There are multiple types of addiction – smoking, sex, alcohol, food – and most of them have shown up in my office.  One client was ready to stop smoking and after two sessions focusing on cessation – he was able to quit smoking with no other assist and hasn’t had a cigarette in over a year.  I’ve also noticed that one addiction can be replaced by another addiction fairly easily, so when I hear a client use the word addiction, my goal is to help identify a root cause for that person, bring the root idea or thought to the conscious mind, and begin to heal it.


I had a client present with allergies who had been to medical doctors, chiropractors and still ended up in the hospital two times a year with pneumonia. We started working together and dug a little deeper into what allergies, asthma and pneumonia represent emotionally. It just so happens she was the youngest of 6 siblings and felt suffocated (even though it was loving) for the majority of her childhood. Once that was acknowledged, we were able to clear it with BEST and NOT. Through our work together, it’s been 6+ years hospital and pneumonia free! 

Phobias and Fears

A lot of people are stuck in phobia and fears. I had one client completely petrified of mannequins, another terrified of storms, one terrified of snakes, and one of putting their face in the water. Multiple fears and phobias have been released and transformed through the BEST technique. What may seem trivial to one person completely prohibits another person from living their fullest life. Let’s reprogram that brain!


My hands-on touch modalities help people transform their PTSD. I have had several clients come to me post-car accident and motorcycle accidents and we’ve uncovered the trauma left in the body and brain, released it, and brought about healing.

Weight Loss

Personally, I have lost 70 pounds and continue on my journey toward health and wellness. I have also assisted multiple clients in re-framing their approach to food and overall health and helped removed stuck thoughts and ingrained ideas in the subconscious brain that have acted as stumbling blocks.

Do I need to have “something” to work on?

Absolutely not. I have clients that use my services as a way to reduce daily stress and tension. I am simply part of their self-care plan.

Is there something I can help you with? Click here for session information?

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