Individual Sessions: Office & Distance

Session Information

The body has stuck or frozen emotions, fixed ideas, and inherited familial beliefs that have been passed through your genetics, known as epigenetics. Of course, then there’s life’s challenges along the way that add stress to the body, mind, and spirit. These beliefs and ideas manifest themselves in many ways, including anxiety, depression, allergies, emotional eating, “stinkin’ thinking,” sleep issues, digestive disorders, feeling “stuck,” and physical pain.

Julie uses various techniques, along with your body’s innate wisdom, to quickly and easily move through layers of the dis-ease or dys-function and start reprogramming the brain to fully support you, your desired outcomes, and your goals. However, she does not work alone…you are part of the equation.  She will offer you personal growth work to help propel you on your healing path. As we work together with this goal in mind, you will experience tremendous growth and will quickly achieve your desired outcomes.



Types of Sessions

Introductory Sessions
If you are a prospective client, Julie would love to meet with you, answer your questions, and plan a path for your healing.  Please click here to register for your free, twenty-minute online video session.

Office Sessions
Julie offers one on one sessions in her physical office in Plano, Texas. Here you will be welcomed into a serene environment and offered the hands-on treatment described above along with self-growth coaching. Please click here to register for an office session. Please note, new clients should first register for the introductory session.

Distance Sessions
If you are unable to meet with Julie in person, these distance sessions are a chance for you to still work with Julie. You will receive the same healing and coaching described above, just from a distance. These sessions last about 60 minutes and are best done in an environment where you can comfortably lay flat for about 30+ minutes. Through online video chat, these sessions combine healing and coaching to help you reach your goals and live your best life. Please click here to register for a distance session. Please note, new clients should first register for the introductory session.