What is B.E.S.T and N.O.T.

Julie is an Alternative Practitioner, also known as an energy or body worker, who uses several hands-on modalities to help clients heal physical ailments, assist through difficult decisions, foster change of lifelong patterns, and encourage life choices that support their vision. Julie has studied and trained in B.E.S.T. (Bio-energetic synchronization Technique) and N.O.T. (Neural Organizational Technique) and uses these modalities to by-pass your conscious brain and interrupt the subconscious brain. During access to the subconscious, Julie is able to subtly reprogram your brain to your benefit through your bio-field. 

How is this possible? Scientists have discovered you have non-physical energy field around you called your bio-field (Rubik et al, 1994). Complex, leveled, layered, and very subtle, it emits light or bio-photon emission. This bio-field is key to your health as it is how your perception of the world around you connects to your physical chemistry. You body’s chemistry affects your behavior as well as genetic expressions – or your epigenetics.

Scientists are just beginning to research epigenetics and research indicates that epigenetics are the key to healing in the future. Epigenetics can represent emotions, thoughts, and behavior patterns you have inherited from your family – back seven generations – as well as what you eat, what you think, the people you surround yourself with, your spiritual beliefs, anything that has constant access to your bio-field. It is believed that only about 5% of your genetic code is hardwired, the rest is epigenetic code that can be adjusted or changed through your subtle body or bio-field.  

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